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Welcome to W.E.N.A.C.

Generalist advice is available to residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, specifically those in the World's End area.

YOU MUST TELEPHONE FIRST to allow us to assess your requirements and take as much detail as possible about the advice required. If it is considered that a face to face appointment is necessary, you will be advised accordingly.

Telephone: 020 7351 5749

Please be prepared to provide us with paperwork digitally where possible.

Face to Face meetings: We aim to minimise your time spent in the office. (Please note face masks will be required to be worn, until the screened meeting begins.)

You can click here for the current Government Guidance on COVID-19.

You can also contact us by email. Please note you must include your:

1. address and postcode

2. name

3. brief nature of enquiry

4. contact details

Use the following link: >Email<

Our 2020 Annual Review is available please click here. (You can additionally right click and download a copy to your device.) 2020 Annual Review

"Proud to be working with the K+C Foundation through their Covid-19 Appeal." WENAC have also been supported through Covid-19 by the London Legal Support Trust as well as RBKC.

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